3 pages in the new Klub Zin #3

featuring 36 artists from all over the world, over 200 pages of comics and illustrations!!
klub zin #3 is split into two books - A (comics, b&w) and B (illustration, color). you will be getting both!

color printed in offset on munken print white paper with munken lynx paper cover. format B5 (176x250mm), glued and sewn binding for best enjoyment of comics! 

klub zin #3A "a match" artists:  Daniel Gutowski, Dario Sostegni, Daylen Seu, Mathieu Larone, 生, Hugo Le Fur, Anka Waćkowska, Helene Jeudy, Paula Puiupo, Olga Wieszczyk, Sylwia Walczowska, Robin Vehrs, Sara Fumaça, Łukasz Roszkowski, Kendra Yee, Sophie Margolin, Jordan Jackson, Stephen Vuillemin
cover by Hadeer Ali
klub zin #3B "fire" artists: Mateusz Sarzyński, Ema Gaspar, Weronika Banasińska, Alejandro Gaudino, Varvara Nedilska, Flavushh, Jason Murphy, Jake Terrell, William Dereume, Miko, Ivy Atoms, Nou, Paqaru, Fabio Tonetto, Sung Hyun Kim, Teng Yung Han, Hadeer Ali, Martoz
cover by Daniel Gutowski

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New Book

"The Performance Dull" 24 page Risograph printed booklet, 3.75" x 4", 2017. (does not include original drawing) FREE SHIPPING, NOW AVAILABLE HERE


YUCK Print House Show at Colours May Vary


The One Who Looks is an exhibition of new risograph prints along the lines of contemporary drawing. Curated by Yuck, one of the foremost publishers of riso prints, the work embraces the unique qualities of the printing process. Artists include Jason Murphy, Aaron Jupin, Gizem Vural, Loic Movellen and Jonathan Calugi - whose interaction of line and colour create striking illustrative and comic based art.

Opening Friday 22nd September 6pm
Continues to October 30th / Mon-Sat 10am - 6pm

Colours May Vary
Munro House
Duke St, Leeds LS9 8AG