Jason Murphy (b. 1977 in Jackson Mississippi) studied at the Ringling College of Art in Sarasota, Florida.  His work was recently acquired by the High Museum of Art in Atlanta Georgia. A portion of Murphy’s book “The Character” was published in the distinguished anthology,“GOUFFRE” by Lagon Revue (Paris, France) in 2017. His most recent painting exhibition "heads" was shown at Harpy Gallery (Rutherford, New Jersey) His work is also published in the prominent art comics anthology "Kramers Ergot 10" published by Fantagraphics books.


2000, Paintings, The Lowe Gallery, Atlanta GA
2001, Anniversary Exhibition, The Lowe Gallery, Atlanta GA
2001, Art Papers Benefit, ArtScool Gallery, Atlanta GA
2002, Keep it in the Family, Crossley Gallery, Sarasota FL
2002, New Paintings, The Lowe Gallery, Atlanta GA
2003, Art Papers Benefit, ArtScool Gallery, Atlanta GA
2003, Sketch Show, Museum of Contemporary Art, Atlanta GA
2003, Sketch Show, Swan Coach House Gallery, Atlanta GA
2004, Art Papers Benefit, ArtScool Gallery, Atlanta GA
2004, Installation (PUD Attacks,) MJQ,Atlanta GA
2004, Paintings, The Lowe Gallery, Atlanta GA
2005, Portraits, Krause Gallery, Atlanta GA
2005, Anniversary Exhibition, Lowe Gallery, Atlanta GA
2005, Dead Man’s Party, New Haven, Conn, Hope Gallery
2005, Sea Fight, Youngblood Gallery, Atlanta GA
2005, Last Mission, Krause Gallery, Atlanta GA
2006, Unforgiving, Gild Inc., New York NY
2006, That New Dork Smell, Toyroom Gallery, Sacramento CA
2006, Vinyl Show, Newstreet Gallery, Decatur GA
2006, Hurt Dirt, Krause Gallery, Atlanta GA
2007, BMG Artists’ Annual, BLK/MRKT Gallery, Los Angeles
2007, Legends of the Chimera, Yo Yo Gallery, Atlanta GA
2007, Artdorks collective, Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles CA
2007, Artdorks Squared, McCaig Welles Gallery, New York, NY
2007, Vinyl Show, Newstreet Gallery, Decatur GA
2007, Krause Gallery, Atlanta GA
2007, Maison d’ Alilleurs Museum of Science Fiction, Switzerland
2007, The Unity Project, Atlanta GA
2007, Airfight, Youngblood Gallery, Atlanta GA
2007, KNOW exhibition, Art Basel, Miami FL
2007, Drill Site, Eyedrum Gallery, Atlanta GA
2008, “Enjoy it while it lasts”, DVA Gallery, Chicago IL
2008, Ringling Bros., Beep Beep Gallery, Atlanta GA
2008, Small Works, Krause Gallery, Atlanta GA
2008, Artdorks, Perihelion Arts, Phoenix AZ
2009, Seasons, Youngblood Gallery, Atlanta GA
2010, “Guest House”, Beep Beep Gallery, Atlanta GA
2011, “My Sweet Sweet”, Dalton Gallery, Atlanta GA
2012, “KIN” Beep Beep Gallery, Atlanta GA
2012, “Anniversary Show”, Youngblood Gallery, Atlanta GA
2014, “IN PRINT”, Work Detroit Gallery, Detroit Michigan
2014, “New Work”  Beep Beep Gallery, Atlanta GA
2014,  Papier Gache Fanzine Festival, Paris France
2015, “Ephemeral Memorable, Mammal Gallery, Atlanta GA
2015, “SPRAWL!, High Museum of Art, Atlanta GA

2016, "The Character" Mammal Gallery, Atlanta GA

2017, "INNER SPACE", Swan Coach House, Atlanta GA

2017, "GIFC", The Hole Gallery, New York, NY

2018, HARPY GALLERY, New Work, NY

2019, HARPY Gallery, Rutherford, NJ

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